Pair Yugoslavian M57 Consecutive Serial # Flare Pistol sets

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Two each, consecutively serial numbered Yugoslavian M57 flare pistols. Complete with a correct pair of new Yugo M57, unmissed canvas shoulder pouches with leather trim and strap, holds the flare gun and spare ammunition.


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Product Description

Consecutive serial numbers, D-31583 and D-31584. Both are supposed to be unmissed (I’m listing as used), but as you can see from the photos, D-31584 has some rust spots on the frame, as well as light surface pitting on left side of barrel, surprisingly the bore is mirror shiny. D-31583 has a couple minor pitting spots in the bore, but the rest of the bore is mirror bright. D-31583 appears unused, but has a few minor storage marks on exterior.
Both were packed in cosmoline, I gave them a quick cleaning so you can better gauge condition. Both could use additional cleaning and removal of the grips to get the rest of that cosmoline out.