IKAROS Red Rocket Parachute Flares

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These are the biggest and the best of the best of all the Red Rocket Parachute flares made today and are still in date. I’ve fired them all and without a doubt the Swedish made IKAROS ROCKETS are the best quality bar none and I’ve never had one of these fail ever! They boast the largest most powerful engine in the industry. IKAROS invented the rocket parachute flare in 1959 and has been copied by all others in the industry!


Product Description

The IKAROS parachute rocket was introduced in 1959 and its design is now used by most manufacturers around the world. IKAROS is the leading parachute rocket on the market with quality and performance that meets the highest demands on functionality and safe operation. It is approved globally and conforms to the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.

This day or night long-range distress signal ejects a red flare on a parachute at 350m (1150ft), burning for 40 seconds at 30,000 candela and visible up to 30 miles. The IKAROS parachute rocket is waterproof and can be held under water in the ready-to-fire position. Dates on these flares are 2013-2014.

These rockets can be taken apart easily, the parachute and flare can be removed and replaced with your own assortment of fireworks or smoke.

Great for survival use on your boat or while hiking in the mountains or the desert or any where you may get yourself stranded and need help, also perfect for the 4th of July, New Years or backup emergency use in your bug out bag. These flares are amazing to fire and beautiful to watch in the day or night sky.

To Use: Remove red end cap. Hold firmly, vertically above head at arms length. Turn head away and push gold tab upward. Rocket is ejected instantaneously. Always wear hand and eye protection while firing rockets. Be careful not to direct towards people or property. Make sure it is legal in your area before firing these flares! These flare sell at boating stores for $67.95


Length: (11.0 inches)

Diameter: (2.25 inches)

Weight: (15.0 oz)

Altitude: 350m (1150 feet)

Light Color: Red

Light Burn Time Minimum: 40 sec

Light Intensity:  30.000 candela