HK Rak Pist 78

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This is a complete 26.5mm Flare Pistol Set that centers around a HK Rak Pist 78 which is simply a P2A1 made by HK for the Swiss miltary. It’s identical to the P2A1 in every aspect except for the model designation stamping on the frame but it is marked HK as you can see in the pictures. The package includes an original and very useful Swiss contract shoulder carried holster/storage bag that has room for the flare pistol, cleaning brush, flare cartridges and a lot of other stuff. All the accessories are in like new condition.


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Product Description

The flare pistol in excellent condition. There’s a little burnishing on the barrel from being carried in the holster, but overall it’s 95%+ condition. The bore is great and if it’s been fired at all it hasn’t been much. There is no burn ring visible in the bore which is a good indicator of not being fired a lot. I suspect this pistol was issued and carried, but it was during peace times so it probably wasn’t used. Has it’s original lanyard.