Heym 26.5mm Flare Gun

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F.W. Heym, West German flare pistol. 26.5mm
This is the third series in the Heym flare pistols, produced in the mid 1950s. The third series is noted for having both a reinforced breech, like the second series, and adding a reinforced front barrel pivot in the frame. These were much more durable that the two previous series. (note: there is a series two offered for sale by another seller here search “bund flare”, and you can compare to these)


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Product Description

Condition: Very good, with slight “frosting” in the bores (no deep pits), nice walnut grips with no cracks or chips visible. Exterior surfaces show light, but even wear. Various acceptance stamps present, “Bund” has been over stamped when these were released from military service. I also note a “CAI ST A. VT” which is the import stamp for “Century Arms Intl St Albans, VT”.
Barrel release functions, hammers cock and release, firing pin protrusion is good.