German WWII Heer Model Flare pistol dated AC 41

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This is a German WWII Heer Model Flare pistol dated AC / 41. The AC stands for WALTHER manufacture and the 41 is for 1941. It is in EXCELLENT MECHANICAL condition.

Well used, but not abused, this WWII flare pistol works great. Finish is spotty, and shows holster wear and staining. This would be a great original WWII German flare pistol for reenactments or shooting fun. Standard German 26.5mm cal. flares are available at all major gun shows and on the internet.


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Product Description

Pistol has matching serial numbers, and has the Walther Military proofs of Eagle 359, Plus the Walther Flaregun proof of an eagle with heart – Not seen that often on heer models.

This flare pistol has a few rare features, It is an early war pistol yet has three late features. It has a late cartridge loaded indicator, a late lanyard ring, and a very rare late thin hammer with a hole in it. These late thin hammers are only rarely found with the hole in certain serial ranges. Mostly on 1943 dated pistols.