East German Combat Pack

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Dating back to the late 1980s, the East German combat pack was almost exclusively a modern military lunch box. As noted, they were used by East German troops to carry food items in the field. They are original military surplus items that have been used, but are generally in good cosmetic and working condition.


Product Description

Each bag is constructed from a heavy-duty cotton material that is both sturdy and durable. It won’t crumple and leave your sandwich susceptible to smashing like a brown paper bag. Additionally, the three interior closure flaps – two of which utilize a belt and buckle closure –feature a rubberized material that will offer limited water-resistance. Despite its limited water-resistance, you can rest assured that an ice pack will not spell instant doom for your lunch. The East German combat pack, when closed, measures approximately 12 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches – offering enough space to house a meal fit for a king. As noted, it features three interior closure flaps as well as a large exterior flap that utilizes dual, toothed-locking belt and buckle closures, which will ensure that your goods remain shielded from any unwanted contaminants.

The pack does feature a built-in carrying handle, but the real attraction is the inclusion of original “Y-strap” adjustable suspenders that allow the pack to be worn easily on the back.

Finally, we come to the unique camouflage pattern that graces this pack. The raindrop camouflage, known by Germans as Stricheldruckmuster or Ein Strich/Kein Strich, is a notably East German camouflage pattern that was heavily featured during the German Democratic Republic era of German history.

Ideal for use as:

  • Travel bags
  • Medical
  • Lunch bags
  • Range bags
  • Roadside assistance bags
  • Almost anything!